Traveling can create a lot of unwanted stress. Here at Party Shuttle we can eliminate one worry through our shuttle bus services in Sydney by getting you too and from the airport safe and sound. We take great pride in our services and we are sure you will love the added convenience as you embark on your next trip.


In addition to transporting you and your group to the airport you may want our shuttle bus services in Sydney to enjoy a large family outing at places such as the zoo, a park, or a reunion. Wouldn’t it be great to have everyone in one spot, talking and laughing? You may just want to get a group of friends together to go have fun one day or night and we have a bus hire in Sydney for that as well.
Great Deals on our Shuttle Bus Services in Sydney at Party Shuttle

Our shuttle bus services in Sydney won’t remind you one bit of the school bus you rode as a child. These are safe and temperature controlled vehicles, with an LED lighting system built in to maximize your experience. Mp3 jacks are easily located for you to use so you can play the music you want to hear at the times you want to hear it! We take pride in making sure that every shuttle bus in Sydney available at Party Shuttle will make for a great event for you and your crew.


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Shuttle Bus Will Get You Where You Want to Be

We provide our shuttle bus services in Sydney’s metropolitan area. The money you can save by riding together and on petrol by leaving your ride at home can be significant. Perhaps you and a group are going to a concert? Ride with us and we’ll drop you off at the door and be waiting to pick you up, on your timetable. If everyone is going to a sporting event, wouldn’t it be great to know you can go and have a few beers and keep it legal? Give us a ring and we can figure out a shuttle bus deal that will beat anyone’s in Sydney.


Party Shuttle is here to make sure that your entire experience is easy and carefree as well as safe and convenient. Our fantastic shuttle services in Sydney can’t be beat! Call or go online for a quote today!


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