Superb Bus for Hire in Sydney

A bus hire in Sydney with Party Shuttle is a great option for those wanting to transport a party. We have custom buses for anyone, anywhere, at any time! Accommodating 1 to 38 passengers, we can get you around in style and on time.


We are authorized by the MSW Ministry of Transport to rent out commercial vehicles. Do you wanta bus hire in Sydney for a wedding party, graduation, job celebration or birthday? Let us know and we will take great care of you! You can relax in the back of our hired bus and trust that our drivers will get you andyour group around Sydneyswift and safe.
Have Fun and Get Out and About with a Bus Hire in Sydney with Party Shuttle

You tell us where you want to go when you book us for a bus hire in Sydney, and we make it happen. You can plot the course, the stops, music for the ride and even disco lights in the bus! Any mood or theme can be made to happen when you ride with us. Enjoy a drink in the cool night air or arrive from wedding to reception in one of our air conditioned buses and relax in a fantastic party bus in Sydney from Party Shuttle.


Each bus here at Party Shuttle comes with mp3 ports for your music devices or smartphones and you can control what you want to hear. If you need help deciding where you want the party to go we can advise you before the night begin. We can help you figure out the perfect destination with a party bus hire in Sydney to best fit your agenda.


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Hire a Bus in Sydney for Your Next Event

Buck and Hen parties are a great way to celebrate your upcoming wedding, and it’s even more fun when you can enjoy a drink along the way! Don’t worry about drink driving or finding somewhere to park or even finding your vehicle again later that night ? we will take great care of your crew at Party Shuttle. From your doorway to the nightclub, from our parking lot to the restaurant or reception and more, we’ll take great care of you.


When you are planning your next event, book Party Shuttle for your secure bus hire in Sydney. We promise you won’t be disappointed with our service and prices. Call or go online for a quote today!


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