Staff Christmas Party Checklist 2017

Staff Christmas Party Checklist

Christmas is fast approaching and you’re left to organise the Christmas Party but you are somewhat clueless as to where to have your corporate Christmas Party. You want to make sure staff are happy with your choice of venue and be excited to attend.

A few things to consider before you lock in a venue includes the type of activities, location, if there will be alcohol, any special catering or access requirements, the venue options, how your staff will be getting there and home and the budget you are allocated.

Christmas Party Games & Activities

Consider if you want your staff Christmas party a little different with some team building activities or unique experience to make the evening more eventful and memorable or you’d prefer to go with traditional dining and Christmas drinks all round. For games and team building events, consider The Escape Hunt, amazing race, Lunar Park, murder mystery experience or for the competitive, motor racing.

If you prefer the more relaxed, yet entertaining then consider a cruise luncheon or dinner around the iconic Sydney Harbour, dine with wildlife at Taronga Zoo, dine by the harbour and enjoy the amazing views and city lights when night falls.

Location and Transportation

When deciding on the location to host your Christmas party, you need to take into consideration how long it will take most your guests to get there particularly if they are going straight after work and how they are going to get there and back. As a company you are also responsible in ensuring staff safety at all times, this means ensuring their transportation is taken care of should they be unfitting to drive as a result of intoxication which is highly likely they will be drinking a fair few drinks. If the location is far or not near public transportation, it is recommended you hire a charter bus otherwise be ready to arrange and pay for taxi home for some party guests who get carried away with drinks. Book a Party shuttle party bus hire in Sydney and you can start your Christmas party early as you board our party bus. Plug in your device and play your own music, you’ll be dancing to the beat and feel music as it explodes through the Alpine subwoofer.

Special Requirements

With so many allergies and cultural differences in the workplace, it is common to have staff who are intolerant to nut products, gluten, lactose, egg and who knows what else, whilst others are vegan or don’t eat certain meat. When sending out your Christmas party invitation, be sure to ask invitees to advise of any special catering requirements when they RSVP. Don’t forget if you have staff with special needs, you will need to take that into consideration as well especially with regards to access.

Sticking To Your Allocated Budget

Christmas parties are an exciting and eventful celebration and can be costly if it is not well managed. To ensure you keep to your budget it is wise to estimate and look at package pricing where available. This is especially important when your company is paying for alcohol. Drink packages are great as they allow your guests to drink unlimited alcohol without you needing to worry about the tab clocking up. Also this way should your party guest fancy a finer more expensive drink, it’s on them. Your budget should include; staff Christmas gift, decorations such as bon bons and/or santa hats, meals, venue hire if separate to meals, activities, drinks, transportation be it a party bus hire to get your staff to and from the event or taxi fares to get guests home safely.

Booking In Advance

Christmas is a hectic time for all and it’s important to organise and book early otherwise the gifts you want, venue etc can get booked out quite quickly which will leave you even more frantic chasing around for alternatives. Firstly, you should book a venue to lock in the date, time and location. Once that is fixed, the next thing you should arrange is the transportation to ensure staff are able to get to and from the event safely without being intoxicated or having to volunteer designated drivers. Give Party Shuttle a call on 0450060055 for a party bus hire quote to transport your staff and their partners to and from your corporate Christmas party safely. You’d be surprise how affordable it is and you can get some team building or celebration started as soon as you hop on board our party bus in Sydney. If you prefer, you can make an enquiry online.