Night Clubbing and Parties!

Looking to party all night and return home safely at 4am/5am? Party Shuttle can chauffeur your group home safely even after you are all tired and smashed. We’ll pick up your group from the night club even if it’s 3am or 4am in the morning without any surcharge.

Forget designated drivers, traffic and parking hassle and get your party started early on our party buses. Seriously, would your designated driver want to be driving at 3 or 4am in the morning?

You can BYO on our party buses on the way to your party.
You and your friends can partying or go night clubbing all night and we’ll pick up your group even at 3am or 4am in the morning with no surcharge. Getting you home safely. Make your night out an enjoyable safe one with these tips.

Plan on how you’ll get to your party, where and when you’ll meet up with your friends. Give yourself more time to account for the traffic conditions and finding parking if you are driving. If all your friends like drinking alcohol, think about

If you’re planning to go partying or night clubbing with a group of friends, then you wouldn’t want to be driving or having your friends drink and drive. Especially at 3am in the morning when everyone is tired and smashed. So if driving is out of the question, what are your other options?

You can catch public transport (train, ferry, bus) but you’ll need to make sure you don’t miss the last trip so check in advance as you may need to leave your party early to catch that train/bus/ferry home. Be sure to travel in groups especially late at night, early in the morning.

Public transport is an option, however if you are going partying and night clubbing with a group of friends, it makes sense to hire a party bus. At Party Shuttle we have buses to cater for groups of 14-50 passengers. Your group gets chauffeured by our friendly professional bus driver direct from your chosen pickup address to your destination address. You’ll be busy partying on our bus, not having to worry about the traffic or parking hassle. You’ll have so much fun even before you arrive at your destination knowing all your friends can drink and not having to worry about designated drivers.

You’ll benefit from our front door chauffeured service, late pick ups (even at 3am, 4am) with no sucharge, at an affordable price.

Call us on 04 500 600 55 or complete enquiry form below and see for yourself just how affordable hiring a Party Shuttle bus could be.
Don’t take any chances on drinking and driving, it’s not an option!

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