Enjoy your Event with a Party Bus Hire in Sydney

A party bus hire in Sydney from Party Shuttle is a great way to enjoy your special occasion to the fullest. Maybe it’s your wedding day, hen or buck party, a job promotion celebration, or an effort to impress some new clients you landed… whatever the reason is, a party bus hire in Sydney is an excellent way to celebrate!


We are authorized by the MSW Ministry of Transport to rent out buses with great drivers at the wheel. They are committed to getting you around Sydney in the either the most direct or roundabout way in the metro area. You get to pick the route and the stops on your party bus in Sydney and we transport you in a style that will amaze your friends and astound strangers
Have a Blast with Party Shuttle’s Party Bus Hire in Sydney!

We equip each party bus hire in Sydney for you to play any sort of music you’d like to hear to set the tone for your journey. Simply plug in any mp3 or smartphone in your bus and away you go! You can set the scene from the tunes to the lightshow on the bus with our specialised LED disco lights on board.


Also, there’s no need to worry about temperature control with a party bus hire in Sydney from Party Shuttle. All of our party buses are air conditioned to keep you cool while you arrive swiftly and safely to your destinations. Hop from party to party knowing that your group will leave and arrive together in complete comfort with every bus hire in Sydney that we book!


Also, if you want to have an adult beverage en route, you certainly can with one of our rentals! Don’t worry about driving, parking somewhere safe or lacking space. With a party bus hire in Sydney from Party Shuttle, we can take you around Sydney and you don’t have to worry about any of that, no matter how late you’d like to stay out.


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Hire a Party Bus in Sydney for Your Next Big Night

It’s a great feeling to be able to celebrate life and your accomplishments with a group of people you care about. Impress them with your care and style with a fantastic party bus hire in Sydneyfrom Party Shuttle. Call or go online for a quote today!


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